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Jennifer Connor



Singer on Stage

Jenn Connor offers private, one-on-one artist development sessions to help aspiring recording artists cultivate their brand and build their music career online from the ground up. 

Your sessions with Jenn will cover the following topics:

1. Establish Your Brand - you and Jenn will work together to create a marketable brand not only for your music, but yourself as an artist and public figure.

2. Demo Recordings  - discover the equipment and overall setup you need to record great quality tracks from home. Jenn will teach you how to record a demo step-by-step. Or, if you prefer, Jenn can recommend some of the BEST recording studios in Canada for your budget.

3. Music Distribution - get your songs on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and all other major music platforms. 

4. Web Development - learn how to build and design your own artist website. Or, if you prefer, Jenn will design it for you!

5. Graphic Design - learn how to design professional, high quality YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, and more to properly promote your music and brand.

6. Video Editing - learn how to put together a cool, visually appealing music and/or lyric video to promote your tracks.

7. Press Kit Development - learn how to put together a professional press kit to submit to record labels and industry professionals.

8. Online Promotion - develop a successful social media and marketing strategy to build a fan base and get your music heard by the right people. Also, learn how to secure interviews, reviews, and more.

9. Offline Promotion - learn how to book shows, create business cards, artist merchandise, and network with industry professionals. Plus, learn how to build relationships with sponsors and obtain partnerships/sponsorships.

10. Stage Presence - You and Jenn will work together to develop your stage presence so you can put on a great show for your audience.

11. YOUR QUESTIONS - At the end of it all, if you have any questions, Jenn will be there to answer them and point you in the right direction.

This is an 11-week course. In order for an artist to participate in the program, he/she must first schedule a free consultation to ensure the program is the right fit. If Jenn and the artist decide to move forward, the entire course must be purchased upfront, which is $660. Additional sessions can then be purchased for $60 per session. Each session is 60 minutes.


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